“Don’t go with the flow
– be the flow.”

Welcome to Flow With Mobility

My name is Elena and I’m a personal wellness and mobility specialist located in Ventura County. I developed the knowledge of Sports Medicine while studying at Moscow State University. This provided me with a strong base rooted in human anatomy and physiology. At the same time, I’m a lifelong swimmer, cyclist, and yogi with an interest in natural health, self-improvement, and athletics, which led to me working in the wellness, fitness, and care taking professions.

Whole-istic Approach

I follow an integrated approach in therapy, which means looking at a complex system, i.e. body, as a whole, with all its possible connections and interactions, and combine different therapeutic techniques to fit the needs of each client/patient.

I also see massage therapy and aquatic therapy as more than ‘bodywork’ or ‘physical therapy’. It is nothing less than psychosomatic therapy, through a prism of the holistic (whole-istic) approach, that considers the whole person – body, mind, spirit, and emotions – in the quest for optimal health and wellness. And even fitness and mobility training… In this light of thinking, the wisdom of the wise saying “Food is the most overused drug; exercise is the most underestimated antidepressant” makes perfect sense! Thankfully for us, body disciplines and therapies have enjoyed phenomenal growth, in the Western world, in the past two decades, becoming a major alternative to mainstream medicine and even traditional psychotherapy. You can read about the body and mind connection in my blogs “Healing trauma with aquatic bodywork” and “Exercise for the brain”.

“The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one’s being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated.”

~ Thomas Hanna

Mobility. What’s in the word?

Mobility is the ability to move without restriction, and having the strength in the full functional range of motion of the joints. It is the proficiency to organize and accomplish the act of moving. Optimal mobility throughout all movement patterns means improved performance and reduced risk of injury; it is the foundation of efficient and well-rounded training program, leading to greater strength gains and muscle balance.

I will just say here that the services I offer – from Dynamic Contraction Technique (DCT) to Aquatic stretching and ‘joint-by-joint approach’ in fitness training – work towards improving your mobility. Visit my blog to read more on “Flexibility… or mobility?” and find out that the two are not interchangeable terms!

The Dolphin Symbolism

Throughout history, and cultures, dolphins have symbolized inner strength, resurrection, harmony and peace, cooperation and protection, joy and playfulness. They are capable of trusting their intuition and instincts instead of over-thinking things, and are a representation of selflessness and strong moral convictions. Their nature is a reminder for us to see the good in all people and try to bring peace to everyone around us and in our own lives.

And last, but not least, a dolphin is a representation of flow, mobility, and freedom of movement.

Hence, my logo!

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