Baby swimming

While you may know that drowning is the second leading cause of death among young children in the United States, Baby Swimming is more than training babies water safety and survival skills.

It is the earliest form of exercise accessible to the little ones, it makes them stronger and more coordinated, promotes bonding and self-confidence, and is good for the development of their immune system and even cognitive development!

Moreover, warm water is their natural soothing medium, they still carry the memory of union with their mother, while floating inside the womb.

Did you know that babies retain certain water reflexes, and gradually lose them at about six months? When submerged in water, they hold their breath, open their eyes, and move limbs in a swimming motion.

Learning, and getting certified to work with infants, in 2008 in Russia, was among the most rewarding training courses I have attended. My practice stopped when I moved to the United States shortly after, but things come around! I am looking into advancing my education and skills soon, and want to get back on the path of working with young children and their parents. Please check back later!